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Hello, I'm Shatila,

a Designer by training and a Calligrapher by heart.

Reviving the beautiful art of traditional handwriting, I take on every project that comes my way with much passion. And I guess that is exactly what calligraphy is all about;

a labour of love.


wedding essentials

It's that one day of your life where you would want all the small details to matter, and calligraphy can definitely provide you with that personal touch with sheer elegance.

From the traditional ink-dipped pointed pen to the latest digital tools of the trade, I believe I can assist you to achieve a classy aesthetic for your wedding stationery needs. View more...


Adding in that little personal touch onto your Wedding Day essentials like perfume bottles and candle jars just exudes luxury.

My engraving service will permanently inscribe your words onto those treasured keepsakes. Learn more...


digital lettering

Transcending the pen and paper, allow me to work my magic into your life with the beautiful art of calligraphy with my latest offerings:

Brand your own name with my new digital service and proudly display it across your stationery and much more! Learn how...

 [ For Tasha Baharin, Digital Marketer ]

 [ For Stef & Shin, beautifully shot by Jasmine. A Photography ]

Adorn your favourite photographs with the elegance of calligraphy, adding yet another layer of significance to that special moment. Digitally lettered, my Calligra+Photo service is definitely an opportunity for a beautiful portrait personalization. Learn more...


brand activation

Take your events to the next level with

Live Calligraphy & Engraving service so customers can engage with your brand in a whole new experience! Learn more...

Brands I have worked with include Prada, Jo Malone London, diptyque, Omega, Sony, Kens Apothecary, Sulwhasoo and Laneige.

 [ For Jo Malone London, KLCC ]

Calligraphy is the most intimate, personal, spontaneous form of expression.

Like a fingerprint or a voice, it is unique for each person.


– Hermann Zapf

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